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/// Need for Swipe

3rd year student project - Supinfogame (team of 3)

March 2018 - April 2018 (1 month)


Unreal Engine 4

This project is a mobile sidescroller / runner with a 80's synthwave-ish touch. The player must swipe in the direction indicated by the gates at the right moment. If they succeed, they will gain speed and jump as high as possible, allowing as many tricks as possible.

On this project, I was game designer & gameplay programmer (more details below).

Gameplay programmer

Need for Swipe was exclusively developed using Unreal Engine's blueprints.

I tried my hand at visual scripting, and found it very useful for fast but clean prototyping.

My intention was to make my Blueprints
clear and understandable, while efficient.


I made a level design tool in this project, so that the other non-programmer team members could freely design the track, and not worry about any technical aspects of designing the game.

The tool is quite simple and straight-forward. It only required few explanations to be understood and used efficiently.

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