Nov. 2019 - Ongoing

Battle Cars

Unity 3D

Graduation project - Supinfogame (team of 7)

Battle Cars is still in development !

Battle Cars is my graduation project (5th year). It is a Battle Royale car game made for 64 players. They must go from one arena to the other, until they reach the last one and destroy every opponent. Violent high speed collisions, game changing abilities, spectacular tricks... In short ; total destruction until only one remains.

On this project, I am lead designer & gameplay programmer (more details below).

Lead designer

As the vision owner of this project, I have to make sure the other members of the team are on the same page and have the same vision of the game. My role is to unify the team's creativity.

I wrote many feature documents to describe the features I designed for the game. These short documents were written with one objective in mind:

Making my colleagues' work easier: listing variables and conditions for programmers, creative intentions and references for designers and artists...

Well detailed and rational design-oriented documentation removes any ambiguity and makes the workflow much more efficient. Programmers know exactly how to implement a feature after reading its document.

You can read more about Battle Cars (and check more documentation) in our internal wiki:


Spectator mode document summary

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Air time trick feature document extracts

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Gameplay programmer


As the gameplay programmer on this project, my role is also to implement the 3C related features of the game.

I always aim for short and specific scripts, for them to be as modular as possible. This offers a great code re-usability and helps maintain the project's tidiness.

My second focus is to make readable code, that can be picked-up by other programmers and understood with few to no explanations.

Also, coding the features myself helped and still helps me better understand the programmers' expectations and needs regarding feature documentation.

Component: Car's suspension

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Once again, I always plan on making my colleagues work easier.

Here, the designers can easily tweak the car's variables, with no coding required. They just have to read the tooltips that tell them what changing a value would do, and how that would impact the feature.

Also, a feature cannot be broken by accident. This is achieved thanks to error-proof interfaces.


The workflow may never be slowed down!


Some scriptable objects, containing various data.

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