Hi there! My name is Dylan Fitzpatrick, a passionate Technical Game Designer, and I am open to game design opportunities from July 2020!

I am an invested problem solver with the ambition to become a Game Designer within the AAA industry, also with a solid interest in mobile gaming.

I enjoy working as a Technical Designer, which means being the communication bridge between other designers and programmers, following the development of tools, prototyping game features... Solving creative and technical problems. I am happy supporting and empowering my team!
The biggest reward for me is when I make my colleague's jobs easier and more fun.

I feel really comfortable with 3C Design, but I am familiar with any Game Design tasks. My technical background has enabled me to get a more rational approach to Game Design. I can design, prototype and document game features... and I love doing it!

I have a Game Design & Management degree and I am currently in the last year of a Game Programming & Management master's degree at Supinfogame - Rubika, the leading game development school in France.

As I am very passionate about Game Design & problem solving, I chose to pursue a Game Programming Master's Degree in order to develop my technical skills and become a more proactive Game Designer.

I am fully bilingual (English & French) - I was lucky enough to grow up with two families - an Irish and a French one.

I am also a full band musician (guitar, drums, bass, vocals) and need to play & compose music to feel good!

I would be more than happy to discuss any job opportunities or even game design with you!

+33 6 35 45 81 56

You can view/download my CV here.

Valenciennes, France (willing to relocate)

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+33 6 35 45 81 56